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The Parents Council is comprised of parents committed to the education of their children, who seek to support and suggest strategies to achieve the goals that the school has set.

The constitution of the Parents Council is compulsory in accordance with the provisions of Decree 1286 of 2005, Article 5 of the Ministry of National Education. The council is comprised of three members from each section of the school: two principal members and one alternate member are elected each year.
Additionally, this council is led by an Executive Committee that is comprised of the president, the secretary, and the representative of the Directive Council of The English School.

In order to simplify the work and to make it more functional, the Parents Council is subdivided into committees that relate to the Institutional Education Project (PEI) and to the school’s Strategic Plan, aligned with the programmes proposed and developed by the Head of School and Rector.

These are the committees:

Comprehensive Culture of Excellence Committee

  • Qualified Management and Academic Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Culture and Recreation (Art, Music and Ludic Activities) Committee

Effective Governance and Financial Sustainability  

  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Finance Committee

Committed Community “The English Way”

  • Communications Committee
  • Well-being Committee

The parents who comprise this governing body are characterised by being upright, honest, respectful, responsible, impartial, and ethical leaders of each generation, who seek the well-being of The English School community.

The English School