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The fundamental objective of the Philanthropists’ Meeting is to give students of Philosophy, Anthropology, and Psychology the opportunity to enrich their levels of analysis, interpretation, and discursive production, from an international perspective and with the richness of interculturality.

This event aims to show how the exercise of each discipline can be done from different practices, with creative methodologies, and from diverse sociocultural environments, allowing individual and group analysis of the various philosophical, anthropological, and psychological perspectives included in texts and experiences.

The Philanthropists’ Meeting was born as a response to the challenge of encouraging and strengthening from a close contact with the authors of the past and the present, the performance of students in the programmes of Philosophy, and Social and Cultural Anthropology. With the meeting we want to provide the opportunity to generate an academic interaction between the participants, hoping that both students and their teachers will find new forms of work, new methodologies, new texts, and above all, new forms of interpretation and analysis of the textual and the contextual.

21 work groups:

  • 7 sessions for conversations.
  • 7 sessions for author analysis.
  • 7 debates on the nature of the respective subjects.
  • More than 10 presentations to discuss the assessment component of internal tests in Philosophy and Anthropology as well as in Psychology.

There are 250 students and 30 teachers representing about 25 educational institutions: a large learning community motivated by internationalism that inspires the profile of the IB learning community.

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