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a) Readmission of students will depend on the availability of places in the desired academic year.

b) If at the time of withdrawal, the family has requested the refund of the advance payment in accordance with the contract, only the full fee option will be available to choose. If no refund has been requested, the chosen option will continue to be valid, provided that the readmission happens within a five-year period.

c) When a student is readmitted and the chosen payment option before the withdrawal was the full fee option, this will stay in force after readmission.

d) Each grade level will have a maximum of 5 places for readmitted students. If the quota is exceeded, the student applying for readmission will have to wait for an available place.

e) If a student applies for readmission after one year of withdrawal, he/she must take an examination to determine his/her current level of academic performance. If there is a need for academic reinforcement in one of the areas, external support will be requested and this will be recorded in the letter of acceptance and in the letter of commitment at the time of enrolment.

f) If a student applies for readmission after two years of withdrawal, he/she must complete the admission process as a new student (documents, interviews, examinations, authorisation to request information to financial entities—centrales de riesgo—and psychometric tests).

g) For students who withdrew because of health issues, their readmission will be managed by the Year Coordinator and the Head of Section for assessment and for placement purposes.

h) All students applying for readmission must submit a certificate of good behaviour from the previous school.

i) If a student applies for readmission after being expelled, he/she will not be readmitted.

j) Only students who have completed their readmission process and have received a letter of acceptance signed by the Head of School will be enrolled.

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