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Upper School comprises students from Grade 10 and Grade 11, and we help our students to continue developing into positive, constructive, and proactive leaders as well as responsible 21st century global citizens. In Upper School, we educate and support our students, according to the IB Philosophy, to become inquisitive, critical thinkers as well as principled, caring, and open-minded young adults in order to help create a better and more peaceful world.

The learning in Upper School is student-centred and inquiry-based, and our students engage in meaningful learning experiences, enabling them to connect their academic process to real-world contexts in order to understand the relevance of their learning in relation to real life. We always strive to maximise the personal and academic potential of each of our students, with a firm belief and philosophy that every student matters, and therefore, our students enjoy a safe learning environment for the benefit of their emotional and physical well-being. 

We also believe that it is important to strike a healthy balance between fulfilling academic potential and developing humanistic values. Hence, both in the classroom and also through our Dignity and Mutual Respect Programme extending from Pre-School to Upper School, with our group of prefects composed of students from Middle and Upper School, and our philosophy of The English Way, we promote and incorporate the IB learner profiles in order to help our students develop positive and constructive humanistic values as well as strive to fulfil their academic potential.

Christopher Price
Head of Upper School

The English School