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Dear community of The English School

Students, family, staff and all of our TES Community – Welcome back to The English School for the academic year 2021-2022. I hope you have had an enjoyable and restful holiday and are looking to the new opportunities and challenges that this next year will bring.

This is the August edition of the Rector’s blog, the first one of the year and it will be a monthly update about what is happening in the school. This will be found in the TESNEWS section of our website, and I strongly encourage you to regularly check in to see what is happening in all aspects of the school, with news from all the different sections, sports, cafeteria, library and many more!

I would like to congratulate Generation 2021, including students, families and teachers for the historic IB Diploma Programme results, where 89% of our students achieved the Diploma. This is a fantastic achievement and I am sure will provide an excellent foundation for their future plans in university, work and beyond.Additionally, congratulations to Generation 2023 for the excellent IB MYP Results e-Assessment results, where 72% of students achieved their MYP Certificate, which will serve them well as they enter the next stage of their education in the IB Diploma Programme.In terms of the future, in Pre-School and Primary, we are very excited to start the PYP Self-study, which will be an opportunity to reflect and identify areas of strength and areas to improve, allowing us to further develop our Comprehensive Culture of Excellence at TES.

We also have the prestigious Council of International Schools accreditation visit in late January 2022 and we will work collaboratively as a community to do all the necessary preparation and ensure our visit goes as well as it possibly can.

Probably, the most exciting aspect of this new school year is that we are now in a situation where a great majority of our community will be returning back to school, 5 days a week, allowing for more human interaction with their classmates and teachers. However, we must remain vigilant about the risks of COVID-19 and we will be constantly communicating and updating the protocols of how we will continue to maintain a safe and secure environment for all of our TES community.

Best of luck to everybody for this coming school year. I hope you can all face these new opportunities and challenges with a sense of courage, compassion and curiosity for yourselves and those around you. I would like to get to know as many people in this community as possible and I look forward to seeing you at many of our events we hold during the year, be it virtual or face to face, starting with the Open Nights, which will be our welcome events in each of our sections. Please remember that my door is always open for a meeting or a quick hello.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you all very, very soon. Thank you very much!

Adam Bennett
Head of School and Rector