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Hello everybody and welcome to the October edition of the Rector’s blog.

It’s been a busy September for us at The English School with many events and celebrations including the school’s 60th birthday, Houses Day and, of course, the Love and Friendship Day celebration, which was fantastically organised by our Grade 10 students and enjoyed by our entire community.

We also had the start of our sports and extracurricular activities as well as admissions events to welcome a new generation of The English School people.

Today we are going to be talking about The English Way: the different aspects, its definition and why it’s important for us here at TES.

So, what is The English Way? It is one of our guiding statements: Committed Community The English Way.   
TES and TEN is an international school of British tradition that embraces intercultural learning, inclusion and differentiation. Our community is committed to providing a safe environment that prioritises the well-being and care of our students. We are committed to fulfilling our mission statement “The English Way”, actively upholding as our core values respect, trust, integrity and the principles of the IB Learner Profile.

The English Way is a set of characteristics, attitudes and behaviours that define our identity as an English School community and involves all of our stakeholders including students, teachers, support staff, parents and our alumni.

It is a frame of reference that encourages us to maintain our core values but at the same time to be adaptive to the changes and transformations of the environment.

In terms of these core values, we focus on integrity.
In terms of integrity, we protect the rights of our students in accordance with the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child and in line with CIS ethical standards.
We alo develop policies, procedures and practices that reflect inclusion, equity and integrity. 

In terms of respect we show empathy, compassion and care for others.
We appreciate our cultures and values as well as those of others and show respect for the dignity and rights of all people.
And finally, we strive to be diverse and inclusive to ensure that everyone that embraces our community has equal rights, equal value and equal representation.

In terms of trust, we conduct our activities with the highest standards of transparency and professionalism.

We have three English Way objectives. They include building a strong sense of community. We have done this through initiatives such as the school’s birthday, Houses Day, Love and Friendship Day, the development of our alumni association and clear and transparent communication processes.

We also embrace intercultural learning and promote global citizenship skills. We do this for our Round Square and TESMUN initiative, agency in the PYP Enhancements and promoting bilingualism in all aspects of TES and the community.

And finally, we prioritise the well-being and care of all students, teachers, staff and community. We have well-being teams, we have a dignity and respect programme, we have plan padrino and we have the KiVa programme. All this focuses on socio- emotional well-being for all of The English School

The English School is who we are and what we do as a community.

We encourage you all for this month and in the future to show these behaviours, attitudes and values that represent “The English Way”.

I hope you have an excellent month and I look forward to seeing you soon for the next Rector’s blog.

Many Thanks

Adam Bennett
Head of School and Rector