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Tuesday, 29 June 2021




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22The extracurricular-TES programme has been designed as a project that includes various activities with the main purpose of promoting the adequate and fun management of free time as well as creativity and the development of the personal interests of each student.

Additionally, it seeks to permanently reinforce the values and attributes of the IB learner profile, the guiding statements and the disciplines that are fostered on a daily basis throughout the school day to fulfil and achieve the strategic objectives.

“Learning through play” is our main motto. Therefore, we hire highly qualified staff to develop and stimulate the talents and skills of each of our students, even in virtual modality.

We hope to have as many students as possible joining these activities, trusting that they will enjoy and take advantage of this time of leisure and of learning through play.

Extracurricular activities start and end dates:

– From 5th September to 6th December 2022.

Registration dates:

– 15-30 June 2021.

Late registrations (a late fee of 10% will be charged):

– 14-15 July 2022.