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We look after the well-being and comprehensive care of our students and that is why we are one of the first schools in Bogotá with a Health Care Area within an educational institution. We have the legal operating permits granted by the Secretaría de Salud to provide primary care and nursing. This allows to provide basic health care of low level of complexity and first aid.

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    • One general physician.
    • One professional nurse.
    • Two nurse aides.
    • Two nurse aide students.

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    The Health Care Area is located in the Coliseum building with access from the northern entrances.

    We have:

    • Two offices.
    • A procedure room with four stretchers.
    • Three wheelchairs to be lent (one for each section).
    • Three automated external defibrillators (AED).
    • 17 spinal boards with their respective first-aid kit in strategic areas of the school.
    • First-aid kit with more than 50 medications (we do not give antibiotics).
    • Protected area with EMERMÉDICA that includes home doctor care at school and the transfer of patients in case of medical urgencies and emergencies).


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    • We provide timely and efficient medical and/or nursing care to students and all members of the school community who require it, assessing the seriousness of their reason for consultation and, if necessary, we coordinate the referral to a more complete and specialised health care institution.
    • We register all patients in the medical records software ASISTES. The data register includes arrival and departure time, name of the teacher who sent the student, reason for consultation, circumstances of the event, background, medical examination, the possible diagnosis, and the conclusions. This process is in line with the confidentiality of patient medical records laws and the data protection policy.
    • We inform parents and/or teachers in a timely manner about the health status of students who required medical care.
    • We carry out prevention campaigns to prevent and detect contagious diseases.
    • We promote a healthy lifestyle and self-care habits in our students to improve their physical well-being.
    • We support sports and pedagogical activities outside and within the school.
    • We administer in a responsible manner the medication available in our first-aid kit that has been previously authorised by parents and in accordance with the national health legislation.

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    We perform the following procedures:

    • Medical and nursing consultation.
    • Administration of medications included the first-aid kit.
    • Oxygen supply.
    • Treatment of acute wounds.
    Venoclysis (peripheral veins cannulation) in case of emergency.
    Glucometry (the measurement of blood glucose levels with a glucometer).
    • Temporary immobilisation of limbs.
    • Eye and/or nasal irrigation.
    • Hygiene assistance.

    Procedures we DO NOT perform:

    • Wound suturing.
    Placement of catheters or other invasive procedures.
    • Complex cures.
    • Micronebulisations.
    • Ear irrigation.
    • Vaccination.
    • Casting and splinting.
    • Orotracheal intubation.
    • Dental procedures.
    • Medical excuse notes.
    • Hospitalisation.
    • Prescription of medications to treat chronic diseases.
    • Extended wheelchair loan (more than 3 days).

Opening hours

• Monday to Friday:
   7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
• Sports matches and tournaments:
   until 6:00 p.m.
• Phone:
   + (57) 1 6767700, ext. 309.
• Mobile phone:
   + (57) 3108846596