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ManageBac is an integrated academic information system that allows doing a follow-up of the student’s progress compared to the academic records as well as to receive information regarding the activities through communications.

General communications will be sent to the institutional e-mail.

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    How do I access the system?

    You must first set your ManageBac password via an e-mail invitation sent to your institutional e-mail inbox with the subject "Welcome to ManageBac". By following the steps in this e-mail, you can set your new password.
    Then, on the home page of the school’s website, you should locate the link to ManageBac in the "Community" section. The login screen will request your institutional e-mail address and the new password you have set.

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    Where can I see the report cards?

    Report cards can be found in the "Academics" section in the sidebar on the left-hand side under the "Reports" tab. By clicking on that tab, you will be able to view reports by term.

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    How to see the grades of each class?

    In the "Academics" section, you will see the list of classes just below the student’s information. Each class has an expansion option (Expand). By clicking on that option, you will find the "Unit" and "Tasks" tabs. In the "Tasks" tab, you can see all the tasks with their corresponding grades by criteria, as well as detailed information about the task and comments made by the teacher. In the "Unit" tab, you can see the information about the Unit Planning.

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    How do I find the attached documents in the assignments?

    In any section of the platform where you can locate the desired task, you should only position the mouse pointer over the letter "i" shown in each task. If the task has an attached document, you will view it at the bottom of the description as a hyperlink and it will allow you to download it.

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    How can I communicate with my child’s teachers?

    ManageBac does not have internal communications. Therefore, all communications must be done through the institutional e-mail. In ManageBac, however, you can find the teachers’ e-mail addresses in the "Academics" section within each class by clicking the "Expand" option.

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    If I have an issue with the e-mail service, who should I contact?

    You can contact the Systems Department by phone (+57) 1 6767700, extension 132, or by e-mail at managebacsupport@englishschool.edu.co