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Citizens of the world

The UN Models are simulations of the international organisation of the United Nations carried out worldwide in school and university environments. The participants represent the delegates from different countries and take part in discussions and negotiations on topics that correspond to the work programmes of the different bodies and commissions of the organisation.

A model is an educational and cultural event in which the young people that participate, train themselves in international policy issues and in the functioning of the United Nations, acquiring at the same time a global vision of the world in which we live. This exercise drives them to question and to acquire a thirst for knowledge that will eventually lead them to understand the concerns and hopes of people in different regions of the world, in order to show them how work done with effort, dedication, and determination can improve the lives of those most in need. One can learn to acquire the tools and to choose the necessary attitudes to strengthen the cooperation between individuals to achieve a common goal.

Through this activity, students acquire different skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives in any social environment in which they find themselves. The Model United Nations helps students to train in techniques of persuasion, negotiation, writing and speaking, in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for diversity. It also helps participants to understand that the best way to solve conflicts is through dialogue and negotiation without the need for violence.

In addition, the models are an opportunity for the organisers to also face the challenges and tasks of organising an event of such magnitude and the implications in terms of organisation, logistics, and resources. There is no doubt that these models are a changing experience and that they are the setting in which their participants put into practice the knowledge they have received for years. It is almost impossible to describe the feeling that a Model United Nations produces, but probably the closest thing is the satisfaction and pride that remains as a delegate, that is said, to feel as a citizen of the world.

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    The English School began its participation in the Model United Nations (MUN) in 2003 with a small group of Upper School students and the aim of training them in a global setting. After this first experience, the school encouraged the participation in the growing range of Model United Nations in Bogotá, with excellent student performance.

    In 2004, the group that participated for the first time in this activity decided to create The English School Model United Nations (TESMUN) in the hope of making this initiative known to their schoolmates and therefore, have a Model United Nations of the school. The event made its way into the school calendar and this group worked to create the basis for what would be a Model United Nations fully carried out by the students.

    With handbooks and stationery manually made, about 100 of our students participated in the first edition of TESMUN, holding sessions in the classrooms of the school.
    In 2005, the next generation of delegates expanded the borders of this programme by participating for the first time in national and international models. After the success of that year, the school financed the growth of TESMUN II to a model with participation of other schools as well as the creation of the symbolic logo that still prevails in the event. About 150 delegates from The English School and other schools in Bogotá attended this version.

    In 2019, we will celebrate 15 years of continuous work as a school willing to consolidate and improve this space for reflection, debate, negotiation, and passion for ideas, with the absolute conviction that the more than 7,000 students who have had the opportunity to participate in this space have learnt, have grown up, and have lived experiences that have accompanied them and that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

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    TESMUN seeks to be a model of quality, high level of work, and innovation at the regional level within the Model United Nations framework, in search of strengthening our image before the academic community.

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    To continue the trend of constant improvement of our conferences by means of outstanding academic standards and impeccable logistical and organisational quality, together with the participation of speakers of high influence in current affairs.