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Gloria Gordillo
Head of Pre-School

• Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages.
• Master’s degree in Educational Institutions Management.

I am a visionary leader with a wide experience in education. I started my professional life working at John Dewey Kindergarten where I discovered my passion for working with children. Later, I joined Colegio Los Nogales where I spent 4 years as a primary teacher. In 1989, I worked as a primary teacher for different grades at The English School, and then, I travelled to North Carolina, USA, where I was an English as Second Language teacher. Back to Colombia, I returned to The English School where I worked as Head of Primary School. I currently lead The English Nursery and the Preschool Section.

I firmly believe in an individualized teaching-learning approach to ensure that students are challenged and can develop their full academic potential and personal skills to become global citizens that reflect the values and principles of The English School.
Therefore, it is essential to promote an environment of comprehensive learning in which respect for one another and for individuality is the basis for all of us to contribute to a better world for the current and future generations.