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Welcome to the Pre-School section comprised of Pre-Jardin, Jardin and Transition. We have a highly qualified teachers’ staff that work as a team to provide high-quality education and whose main goal is to maximise the academic and personal potential of the students within an environment of respect, protection, kindness, and interest for learning.

The main purpose of the Pre-School section is based on the child’s integral development, on the heart, and on the mind, strengthening the social, emotional, physical, and cultural needs. In order to accomplish this, we have built a curriculum that considers the individual needs of our students and their different ways of sensing the world and of learning. 

In 2008, we were authorised to implement and deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. This programme offers an approach built on research and learning based on concepts. It also encourages students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own performance from an early age. 

Moreover, it focuses on making students become independent apprentices, transferring acquired skills to other contexts through their experiences, and to promote internationalism in order to develop citizens of the world in relation to culture, language, and learning to live in a community.

Gloria Gordillo

Head of The English Nursery and Pre-School

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    We implement the Dignity and Mutual Respect Programme that is specially aimed at developing skills to encourage greater tolerance for frustration and at using behaviour alternatives to aggression. Simultaneously, the programme addresses the promotion of respectful environments, the assertive management of discipline and communication as well as agreements, norms, limits, and what is expected of children when it comes to their socialisation in their school and personal context.

    We promote respect for individuality and personal differences to make our students understand the importance of empathy and solidarity. We also encourage commitment to serve others in order to develop their social and thinking skills and at the same time, to be responsible for their own actions. Our academic team comprises a bilingual tutor and a teaching assistant in each class as well as specialists in Drama, Physical Education, Art, Rhythm, Music, Spanish, Technology, and Learning Support. This gives the opportunity to be immersed in a diverse and transdisciplinary learning environment for each of our students. The academic team is led by a Head of Section and each grade by a Head of Year.

    The "e-learning" plan begins in Pre-School where the integration of technology into teaching-learning processes is pursued to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and creativity. 

    The Department of Learning Support is comprised of experienced therapists in Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Coexistence as well as of specialised teachers in Mathematics, English, and Spanish who provide additional support in and out of the classroom for students who require it because of different rhythms and learning styles.

    We offer a programme of extracurricular activities ranging from sports to age-appropriate activities that strengthen skills, leadership, and teamwork.