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Iraida de la Torre
Head of Primary

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
  • Degree emphasis: Motivational systems applied to human behaviour.
  • Master’s degree in Education.

From an early age, I developed an interest in working with children and, consequently, I studied psychology with the intention of focusing on learning disabilities and autism. I began my teaching career when I was called from Abraham Lincoln School to cover for a teacher, an experience that was enough to make me fall in love with this beautiful job. As an alumna of The English School, I experienced first-hand the benefits of IB education, and as a parent, my husband and I enrolled our oldest son in the school to follow my experience. Then I was given the opportunity to be part of the school’s teaching staff and, as a teacher, I was able to appreciate the IB from a different perspective, first by living the philosophy and understanding the pedagogical approach of the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

I am fortunate to have an insight that not everyone has, and that is to know the school as a student, an alumna, a mother, a teacher and now the Head of this section. Having been associated with the school for 28 years, I cannot imagine a more complete approach than the one offered by the IB, where academic rigour promotes inquiring, critical thinking students who can express their ideas and seek solutions to different sorts of problems, while emphasising the imperative need to be good human beings who show attributes such as integrity and caring in all actions. 

As a teacher, I have always tried to be demanding but loving, and I assure you that I will continue to be so now as Head of Primary. This year and a half year of pandemic has shown us more than ever how important it is to think as a community, always keeping in mind that we are connected to each other and that what happens to me, influences others.


Kristine Ertl
PYP Coordinator

  • Teaching license- Elementary Education 
  • Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Certificate 
  • Master’s degree in Education: Globalization in Education, emphasis on International Education Programmes and Educational Research

I began my career in teaching over 10 years ago in South Korea teaching ESL students. It was through this experience that I discovered my passion and love for education, especially the education of young learners. Over the years I have worked in South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and now here, in Colombia. I have experience teaching in the IB as well as other international programs and have leadership experience in the PYP as an English Coordinator and as the PYP Coordinator. I am very excited and passionate about this role here at TES!

I strongly believe in the value of education for all, specifically the kind of education that the IB can offer. While academic excellence is of high value, our world has become a place that is in a strong need of passionate, valued and principled people who can lead and develop new ideas to solve the problems that we face as a human population. Through the IB education, students are given the skills and confidence to make a difference, not only in their school and local community, but also in the greater global community. 

The PYP program is the base for everything we build upon through to the MYP, DP and beyond. We have an exciting opportunity to shape young learners into the kinds of children who could be the next leaders of this world; with potential beyond our wildest dreams. I am excited to share this passion with the TES community and hope to inspire our students, teachers, and our TES community; to help develop critically thinking, open-minded, and caring global citizens who make an impact that exceeds our expectations!