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Aprendiz de escritura

Author: Franciso Ortiz Pineda

With this work, the author is committed to a methodological structure of writing and assumes teaching in a vibrant, continuous and systematic way. The intention is to promote a method for teaching how to write a literary essay in the school literature programme and to encourage reading and writing in its primary state. Whatever the format, the revelation and the intention is the same, that of promoting a pedagogical experience, privileging continuous exercise. What is important in this work is not the revelation of truths, but of a method that helps the apprentice writer to put interesting ideas in writing and to question, through words, the topics read and to express thought in an organised and structured way. Link to access the book: http://tesbogota.com/elvedon/ebooks/tia/mobile/index.html

Franciso Ortiz Pineda

Francisco Ortiz Pineda was born in Bogotá and his passion is teaching Spanish language didactics in international programmes. He holds a PhD in Social Studies from Atlantic International University (AIU) with a Master’s degree in Latin American Literature from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He is an education specialist with an undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Literature from the Universidad Francisco José de Caldas. He has expertise in linguistic research methodology: discourse analysis, reading and writing, and oral and written expression. He knows and masters international programmes in literature and linguistics. He is an international examiner for the IB programme and currently teaches Spanish and Literature at The English School in Middle and Upper School, where he has been teaching for seventeen years. He is a teacher who excels in developing projects in discourse analysis.