Term 3



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Dear Member of the TES community,

Our thoughts are with you at this challenging time, especially with regard to your health. We, therefore, send our best wishes and an ‘abrazo virtual’ to everyone but with a special thought to those of you quietly and bravely suffering from illness.

So, what are we doing in terms of TES decision-making?

Our school leadership continues to monitor closely and follow the latest COVID-19 health and safety decrees and recommendations laid out by the government and the education and health ministries.

We also share proposals and ideas with our friends and colleagues in the Bogotá private school and corporate sectors whilst examining the good examples set by similar leading international schools in Europe and Asia as they return to school. Here in Colombia, we are hopefully approaching the same stage and next week we will be sharing our plan for a safe and well-organised return to school.

More obviously, as you will know from numerous online meetings, we do things guided by The English Way. Our school leadership with SELT (Senior Educational Leadership Team), SALT (Senior Administrative Leadership Team) and parent representative groups, especially the Junta de Dirección and Consejo de Padres, are dedicating many, many hours of our work and time in mutual support and guidance. As our TES parents especially will know this is a very strong and special feature of our school’s decision-making structure and it is to be valued and used appropriately.

We, therefore, thank each and every member of the TES community hugely for their ongoing feedback, support and understanding during this difficult and extended period of campus closure. Our aim is quite clearly to fulfil ‘our mission statement The English Way, actively upholding our core values of respect, trust, integrity and the principles of the IB Learner Profile’.