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Wednesday, 26 May 2021




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February 8




Dear members of our English School community,

Greetings to you all at this challenging time. 

Obviously, we are all optimistic at the moment especially as in Bogotá we are witnessing a rapid decline in the incidence of COVID-19 after a second peak.

Right now, as a result, we are setting our hearts and minds on getting our wonderful TES students and employees back on campus in a safe and secure educational environment in which they can express themselves and engage with each other in our traditional manner, “The English Way”.

We have, of course, waited patiently for almost a full calendar year and with immense self-discipline and support for each other. As we start to come back together on campus, everyone deserves to receive a warm smile and kind, encouraging words, especially those of us who have suffered family bereavement and loss in an existential, personal, spiritual, social or economic sense. We especially thank the carers and medical workers in our TES community and beyond who work so hard to keep us healthy.

As we are all watching the news avidly, we all look ahead and hope that we can now settle in to life in its fullest sense. 

In educational communities across the country, including here in Bogotá, we are readying ourselves and implementing our delayed Return Plan. Our English School campus has been upgraded during the COVID-19 crisis and it is an absolute delight just waiting for our students and employees to arrive and enjoy. A sparkling new set of STEAM and English Nursery buildings are ready for occupation, an impressive 21st century health and well-being approach at our main entrance has been installed, the student bathrooms in our Coliseo have been modernised, there are new park facilities for our younger students and we haven’t forgotten to refurbish facilities in our administration block. 

We are mindful of the economic situation and we have done all of this because we recognise and respect the desire and the decisions taken by our families and employees to live The English School dream and provide first-class facilities for everyone. These plans have been long agreed and I thank everyone involved for their vision and sheer hard work resulting in these fantastic achievements!