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Friday, 28 January 2022




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We invite all Primary School students to participate in the escuelas deportivas programme. Throughout the school year, students train to develop the basic skills of the sport they have chosen to participate in UNCOLI events.

These activities are available at no additional cost.

All the activities are carried out in the facilities of The English School. School buses are available for those students who are registered for transport service.

Registration procedure

From 1 to 15 August 2021, parents can register their children for only one (1) sport activity, taking into account their year of birth, through the DeporTES platform, which can be accessed from the school’s website. The registration period reopens at the beginning of the second and third term for students who did not register at the beginning of the school year.


The Sports Department will send parents a communication with the school bus that will take the student home. Without this confirmation, no student will be allowed to stay on the school premises to participate in the activities. In addition, all communications will be sent to the institutional e-mail, therefore, parents must verify that it is activated.


During the 2021-2022 school year, the following sports will be offered:

    • Athletics
    • Dance
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Gymnastics
    • Table Tennis
    • Volleyball


The categories to represent the school in the various UNCOLI events are the basis for organising our groups in the sports that we will offer during this school year in Primary School:


NOTE: Primary School schedules are subject to change according to the teams’ participation in different tournaments.

Training rules

      • A minimum of 4 students must be registered in order to open an activity.
      • The maximum number of students per group will be 15 to comply with all biosecurity requirements.
      • To be on time at the training facilities.
      • To have all the necessary training equipment (team uniform and/or Physical Education uniform).
      • To keep a respectful attitude towards the coach and teammates.
      • To work in a disciplined and responsible manner.
      • To use sports as a means of personal and group growth
      • To ensure the proper use and care of the facilities and resources of each sport.
      • To follow the sports’ biosecurity regulations in favour of everyone’s physical integrity.
      • If the student is unable to attend the practice session, he/she must inform the coach in a timely manner and show the absence note (due to the limit of places in groups that reached the maximum allowed -15 students-, after one (1) unauthorised absence, the student will temporarily lose his/her place and will be placed on a waiting list to be able to rejoin once again). In all other sports that have not reached the maximum number allowed, the student will lose the place after three unauthorised absences).
      • To participate in any sporting event, parents must send their authorisation from the institutional e-mail, according to the invitation sent weekly.
      • The athlete who is selected to represent the school at a sporting event must be committed to attending all scheduled matches. If not attending, an absence note must be shown to the coach.
      • All athletes must give a good image and ensure a good appearance and behaviour, of both the school and the team, inside and outside the school premises.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Sports Department

by phone +(57) 1 676 77 00, ext. 174 or by e-mail at