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The English Nursery, founded in 2001, is the kindergarten of the Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra. Located in the campus of Colegio de Inglaterra —The English School, The English Nursery is organised into two levels: Pre-Nursery (2 to 3 years old) and Nursery (3 to 4 years old).

Our mission is to educate happy children interested in being inquirers, good communicators, thinkers, and reflective so they can develop their potential in an environment respectful of their individuality that seeks to strengthen their personality and abilities while playing. This allows them to exercise cognitive functions through constant reflection. We also prioritise an environment of tolerance and open-mindedness that stimulates healthy coexistence and the use of technology in the creation of knowledge.

Understanding the importance of this crucial moment in life, The English Nursery has highly qualified teaching staff with each classroom managed by a tutor and a teaching assistant. Additionally, to support the processes in each area of child development, the curriculum is enriched with specialised teachers in the areas of Spanish, Music, Drama, Art, and Motor Development as well as with specialised professional of the Learning Support Department in the areas of Psychology, and Speech and Occupational Therapy. All the staff focuses on having a safe and healthy environment in which every child feels valued and respected while building long-lasting enriching learning experiences.

Gloria Gordillo
Head of The English Nursery and Pre-School

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    In Nursery, we start to implement the IB Early Years of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP seeks to stimulate an environment of creativity and natural curiosity regarding the exploration of the world, promoting the development of skills and the inquiry of concepts and ideas. All of this is framed by values and principles that allow students to establish a set of personal values that are vital to their personal and social life.