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Welcome to the website of The English School – Colegio de Inglaterra!

Our TES community provides a caring, inclusive and, of course, exciting learning environment in a well-managed and well-resourced school that has successfully educated the children of Colombian and international families the IB way, the English way, for over 50 years.

We are indeed a learning-focused school that nurtures its young people and prepares them for a 21st Century world that is overflowing with opportunities and challenges. In the school year 2019-20 we will be renewing our commitment to providing a caring, intellectually demanding and stimulating education for all of our students – in fact, we are very focused on building on our tremendous successes with local ICFES and IB PYP, MYP and DP results in 2018-19 – please do refer to our special news report on this website. We will be aiming to continue our success story in sport and the Arts, we will be engaged in our IB 5 year programme evaluations, EFQM and CIS accreditation, and we will continue to improve our learning and administrative infrastructure following our new TES Strategic Plan. As you can see we have a busy year ahead with this being something that we are all really looking forward to!

It is therefore my great pleasure to be Head of School and Rector with a forward-looking team of students, teachers, parents, administration and support staff that is pushing the limits, whether academically, linguistically, technologically or through the fields of sport and the arts. We believe in the unique talents of everyone, especially our wonderful 1600 young people, and it is our joy to guide them forward and give them confidence in their knowledge, their skills and their appreciation of local and global cultures and environments.

Creemos en los talentos únicos de todos, especialmente en nuestros maravillosos 1600 jóvenes estudiantes, siendo un placer guiarlos hacia adelante y darles confianza en su conocimiento, sus habilidades y su apreciación de las culturas y entornos locales y globales.

What is the most important thing though is the daily experience of working with a community of educators that knows no limits to the enthusiasm and commitment that we have for providing a first class and bilingual education. At our core, we seek a comprehensive culture of excellence for all members of our community strongly framed by effective governance and financial stability, the English Way.

The English Way is one of our three pillars for our mission and vision and it is integral to the way that we live and work together. As such, we are, indeed, a community happily and securely embedded in Colombia, one that gives a warm, genuine and welcoming smile to everyone, everywhere, every day.

We look forward to meeting you!

Mr. Jeff Shaw

Headmaster and Rector of The English School, Bogotá, July 2019.