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This document is included as an integral part of the contracts signed and currently in force between the Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra and its customers, natural or legal persons. It is understood that “contracts” associate all those products and services that the school offers and are accepted by natural and legal persons.

For the purposes of this addendum to the above contracts, the Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra shall be referred to as “LA FUNDACIÓN”, and the customers, students, and legal persons as “THE CUSTOMER”, and its terms and conditions are as follows:

FIRST – OBJECT: “Online Payments” is a service offered by LA FUNDACIÓN to its customers through its electronic payment system that must be accessed through the internet. The aim is to provide THE CUSTOMER with information or to allow the search and to enable banking operations determined or authorised by THE BANK to its customers.

SECOND – SERVICES: The operations to be carried out will be those valid to date in our “Online Payments” module and those that will be implemented in the future.

THIRD – RECIPIENTS OF THE SERVICE: The service offered by LA FUNDACIÓN through “Online Payments” is exclusive to natural or legal persons who are currently linked as students or through any other contract defined by LA FUNDACIÓN.

FOURTH – ACCESS TO THE SERVICE: To access the “Online Payments” service, THE CUSTOMER must have the necessary physical means to receive or transmit through the internet, information related to the products and services of LA FUNDACIÓN. THE CUSTOMER will manage at his/her own cost and expenses the equipment and communication services necessary to use the service and LA FUNDACIÓN will not be responsible for the availability, nor the reliability of such equipment or of the communication services used by THE CUSTOMER. LA FUNDACIÓN will inform THE CUSTOMER of the internet address so that THE CUSTOMER can carry out specific or authorised banking operations.

FIFTH – ACCESS PASSWORD AND TRANSACTIONS PASSWORD: To access “Online Payments”, THE CUSTOMER will have an access password that can be activated by THE CUSTOMER through a password registration mechanism defined by LA FUNDACIÓN. The access and operations password will constitute the electronic signature that will identify and link THE CUSTOMER with LA FUNDACIÓN through the internet, and will be under exclusive control. Therefore, THE CUSTOMER will be the absolute responsible for the level of security managing the access password and operations password. It is also understood that for security reasons or when events that endanger the interests of LA FUNDACIÓN, THE CUSTOMER or third parties occur, LA FUNDACIÓN may temporarily or permanently suspend or limit the service when it detects unauthorised users attempting to enter the system. In addition, THE CUSTOMER shall assume all risks, costs, and losses incurred that originate from or are related to the unauthorised use of the services by people who access under THE CUSTOMER’S responsibility. Any transaction carried out by THE CUSTOMER with the use of the password will be understood as valid, legitimate, and authentic without LA FUNDACIÓN having the obligation to carry out or take additional protection in this regard. No defence may be based on credentials error. THE CUSTOMER assumes all legal consequences of the system having been used on their behalf.

SIXTH – SERVICE FEE: The use of any of the services provided by LA FUNDACIÓN through “Online Payments” will be free of charge for THE CUSTOMER. The fees assumed and accepted by THE CUSTOMER are those determined by the BANK used for the transaction.

SEVENTH – OBLIGATIONS OF THE CUSTOMER: In addition to the obligations included in the contracts signed, THE CUSTOMER is also obliged to:
1) Establish the necessary controls so that unauthorised third parties do not operate the service.
2) THE CUSTOMER shall keep in strict confidentiality the mechanisms, operating systems, and fees in regard to the “Online Payments” service.
3) Not allow third parties to know the access and operations passwords.

EIGHTH – EXONERATION OF RESPONSIBILITIES OF LA FUNDACIÓN: LA FUNDACIÓN will not be held responsible for the following events:
1) LA FUNDACIÓN is not responsible for the misuse of the “Online Payments” service by authorised or unauthorised people or by THE CUSTOMER. Consequently, THE CUSTOMER assumes full responsibility for the operations carried out through the online service using the access and operations password. For this purpose, THE CUSTOMER accepts as of now all proof of operations and/or transactions carried out.
2) LA FUNDACIÓN shall not be held responsible for damages of any nature that THE CUSTOMER may suffer as a result of an impossibility, delay or deficient transmission of the data or operations requested in the computer used, because of communication failures, failures in the equipment used by THE CUSTOMER or any technical failure beyond the control of LA FUNDACIÓN. LA FUNDACIÓN will not be held responsible in force majeure events, fortuitous event or strange cause that at some point may cause damage to the equipment or physical means used by THE CUSTOMER to communicate with the LA FUNDACIÓN’s computer system.
3) LA FUNDACIÓN shall not be held responsible in the event that the operations cannot be carried out for reasons attributed to THE CUSTOMER, such as seized accounts, insufficient funds or due to incorrect operation of the system, failure to the communication systems, or others issues beyond the control of LA FUNDACIÓN.

NINTH – DURATION: THE CUSTOMER may use the services offered by LA FUNDACIÓN through the online payments system during the term of the relationship as a student or customer of LA FUNDACIÓN. Once these commitments are terminated, LA FUNDACIÓN will suspend access to these services without any communication.

TENTH – AMENDMENTS TO THE REGULATIONS: It is understood that LA FUNDACIÓN may at any time, cancel, modify, or add the terms and conditions of these regulations, by notice to THE CUSTOMER, by any means. If 15 calendar days have elapsed by since the notice of modification of these regulations and THE CUSTOMER does not object, it is understood that THE CUSTOMER accepts unconditionally and in full the modifications introduced.

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