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Editorial – 15 edition

RECTOR'S BLOGContenido más visitado Hi Everyone.Welcome to the May edition of the Rector’s blog. I hope you all enjoyed a restful and relaxing Easter Holidays and are all ready to go for the last busy few weeks of the academic...

Hi everyone and welcome to the April edition of the Rectors blog.

At TES we have many stakeholders, including staff, parents, external partners and most  importantly of all, our students.

We aim to make students an active and involved part in all aspects of the school and today, we will be meeting a group of students who really foster a sense of leadership within our school community – the student council.

John Mauricio Ramos Duque
Student Council Leader

The Student Council is the purest and most innocent form of democracy. It is the perfect opportunity for each of our students to act as citizens.

Moisés Muníver Contreras
Student Council Leader – Middle School

The Student Council is the best place for students to be, and to learn how to be, caring. Is a place to build a better, more peaceful and more tolerant school.

The main and most important thing is for the students to understand the fact that the others, with their differences, can also be right.

John Mauricio Ramos Duque
Student Council Leader

Annually, we hold a celebration to democracy where we elect the grade level representatives for Primary School, Middle School and Upper School. We have regular meetings where we discuss and formulate projects and proposals for the TES community.

Marcela Patarroyo Rodríguez
Student Council Leader

This learning experience allows students to experience democracy and also demonstrates the profile of the IB community. It also teaches them about decision-making and how to critically choose, not only for their own well-being but also for the well-being of the whole learning community.

Abraham Silva Contreras
Student Council Comptroller

The Student Council, as a whole, is an integral part of our school. It is the voice of the students and it remains a transparent and open institution that strives to make it easier for students to express their concerns and to help make the school a better and more enjoyable place for all.

Miranda Muriel Caicedo
Student Council Representative – Grade 7

Likewise, our mission is to be able to make a change within the community, considering the opinions of the students, and the projects they want to implement.

Valeria Granada Roncón
Student Council Representative – Grade 8

We, in the Student Council, in addition to taking actions or changes that promote good living in our school, have also learned a lot about leadership skills, the kind of democracy we can see from student perspectives and also the ability to be able to listen to the community.

Andrés MOntaño Villamil
President of the Student Council

I am proud to say that this year the Council has worked on several short and long-term projects, and we have also had great support from the Parents Council, PACTES and TESPAS, the Board of Directors, alumni and members of our community to constantly strive for a completely improved future.

Pablo Ibarra Alfonso
Student Spokesperson

The Student Council is a great place for us, the students, to participate in democracy, and I have met some amazing people. As the Student Spokesperson, I have tried to do my best to fulfil the projects and always be attentive to all the students’ needs.

Anabella Cruz Sáenz
Student Council Representative – Grade 4

Together we can make the school a better place than what it already is, with the help of students, teachers and staff members.

Adam Bennett
Head of School and Rector

That is all for the Rectors blog for April, I hope you enjoyed hearing about the roles, functions and activities of the student council and we will continue to work collaboratively with all members of the community to make TES the best it can be.

Thank you as always for listening and I wish you all a very happy holidays for semana sana, take care, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Adam Bennett
Head of School and Rector

The English School