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Editorial – 14 edition

RECTOR'S BLOGContenido más visitado Hi everyone and welcome to the April edition of the Rectors blog. At TES we have many stakeholders, including staff, parents, external partners and most  importantly of all, our students. We aim...

Hi Everyone.
Welcome to the May edition of the Rector’s blog.

I hope you all enjoyed a restful and relaxing Easter Holidays and are all ready to go for the last busy few weeks of the academic year. 

We have held plenty of events and activities recently including the AACBI Sports Tournament, Language Days and many more.  I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who participated or helped organise these events.

We also have lots to look forward to including First Communion, Community Day, ACER/ISA Exams, MYP E-Assessments and IBDP exams. I would like to wish everyone the very best of luck with all these events.

In this month’s edition of the Rector’s Blog we will be talking to the Green Team about Sustainability and our Recycling programme, a key issue that affects us at a local, national and international level and strongly links to our mission through fostering innovation and the ability to innovate, as well as our vision by having environmental responsibility and awareness.

Valentina Camacho (Tenth grade)

The Green Team is our Environmental Committee, a group that promotes leadership and sustainability. Our job at school is to develop projects and campaigns towards awareness on climate change, environmental problems and recycling thus fomenting being agents of change towards a more sustainable world.

Paula Aguirre (Ninth grade)

Bogota generates 7.500 tonnes of waste per day every year, which is why recycling is particularly important. The English School is committed to Resolution 2184 of 2019, which determines the parameters of colour-coded separation and will be mandatory from June 2022. 

Alejandro Goyeneche (Tenth grade)

Therefore, the most recent project by the Green Team has been aligned towards the objective of motivating responsible reduction and recycling of wastes. To this extent, we have acquired new bins with new color-based code in order to be able to classify waste more effectively. 

Since we know this will be a process of cultural transformation, we have done many workshops and training sessions across the entire community of TES to be able to raise awareness about recycling and for them to be able to know what is the new color-based code that we are going to use with the bins to be able to do an effective recycling. 

This process has been done with students ranging from PYP to Upper School and with all kinds of staff from administrative, academic, janitorial and restaurant staff, since we know this is a process that will require the help of the entire community for us to be able to include it within The English Way. As well, we want everybody to be able to contribute to this problem.  


  • We are the Green team from Primary School.
  • This year we have started identifying problems around the school.
  • We came up with some ideas to solve this problem.
  • One problem was trash.
  • There was way too much trash around the school.
  • Now we have a solution.
  • Can you help us use these new trash cans correctly?

Mariana Bárcenas (Tenth grade)

These are the bins that you will find all over the school. 

  • The first one is the black one, which is for non-usable waste: contaminated napkins or paper.
  • The next one is the green one, where you have to deposit all the organic waste such as banana peels or fruit in general.
  • Finally, we have the white bin where you will deposit all the usable items such as clean plastic or glass bottles, with their lids. 

María Camila Nieto (Tenth grade)

This year we have made significant advances in acquiring the budget for the creation of the greenhouse and other Green Team projects. The green house comes with three spaces: the lower bed garden, the greenhouse and the composting area. 

Through this agriculture strategy, the aim is to create a sense of food sustainability, taking into account the school’s carbon footprint. Also, by creating fertilizer, the garden will be able to have (it’s own economy sistem) a circular economy in the garden.

This is a project that seeks to create a sense of a green TES community, by involving students from Primary to Upper School, starting with the tenth grade students, who will start the process of developing this academic space.

We invite you to be part of the second edition of the Green Team photography contest for parents, teachers and students. You can submit your photos until 13th May at greenteam@englishschool.edu.co Don’t forget to participate.


The Green Team is a school wide project, involving students from primary to upper school. It is aligned to our School’s Mission and Vision, maximising the personal potential of the environmental leaders of tomorrow, global citizens inspired and guided by values of integrity, excellence and social and environmental responsibility and awareness. 

El Green Team es un proyecto de todo el colegio, en el que participan estudiantes desde Primaria hasta Escuela Alta. Está alineado con la Misión y Visión de nuestro colegio, maximizando el potencial personal de los líderes medioambientales del mañana, ciudadanos globales inspirados y guiados por valores de integridad, excelencia y conciencia social y ambiental.

That is all for the Rector’s Blog for this month. I hope you enjoyed it and you are all now inspired to be agents of change in Colombia and the world. 

Many thanks, I hope you have a fantastic month and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Adam Bennett
Head of School and Rector

The English School