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The Learning Support Department has the following strategic partners for the development of the prevention programmes:

Red PaPaz

Red PaPaz is a nonprofit corporation comprised of a network of mothers, fathers, and carers that aims to promote the protection of rights of children and adolescents in Colombia, as well as to strengthen the capacities of adults and social actors to ensure their effective implementation. This is carried out through actions focused on relevant issues that are based on evidence and proven good practices. As a result, Red PaPaz has become a national and international reference.

Additionally, Red PaPaz offers conferences to the school’s leaders, staff, and parents on various topics of interest such as the safe use of ICT, a healthy life, education for coexistence, protective environments, among others.

En TIC Confío


One of the fundamental courses of action of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies is to provide educational institutions with pedagogical support through conferences addressed to students, parents, and the community in general. These conferences focus on the responsible and conscious use of technology as well as on cybercrime prevention.

En TIC Confío is the strategy for promoting responsible use of the internet as well as new technologies of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies. It helps society to develop and interact responsibly with ICTs while promoting digital coexistence and zero tolerance for child sexual abuse material.

This strategy offers citizens the tools to raise their #PoderDigital: to face the risks associated with the use of new technologies, such as grooming, sexting, phishing, cyberbullying, cyberdependency, and child sexual abuse material.

In its initiatives, En TIC Confío carries out free lectures and has various digital channels that are updated with content for children, parents, educators, and the general public.

Futuro Colombia

The Crime Prevention Programme Futuro Colombia is a preventive programme of the Office of the Attorney General that aims at developing measures for the prevention and reduction of various criminal phenomena at a social, community, and individual level. These are the objectives:

  • To promote a culture of legality in the citizenry.
  • To develop interinstitutional strategies for risk detection, early warnings as well as to report violations of the rights of children and adolescents.

Colectivo Aquí y Ahora

Colectivo Aquí y Ahora is an organisation committed to the sense of life that seeks to change the culture of alcohol and drug use. This organisation supports us in the implementation of the psychoactive substances use prevention Consentidos Programme.

Te Protejo

Te Protejo is an initiative for the effective protection of children and adolescents in Colombia through the Internet. It is a channel made for reporting illegal content such as school bullying, cyberbullying, sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation, and child and adolescent pornography.

Through this initiative, one can also report inappropriate content such as the aggressive use of ICT, the promotion of the use of psychoactive substances, and other risky situations for children under 18 years of age.