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The Parents Association of The English School is a nonprofit organisation that supports The English School community in the development of their educational process. To this end, the association has defined, in addition to its identity, a framework of principles that support its raison d’être and its objectives that form the basis of its projections and achievements.

These guidelines are closely linked to the guiding statements of the Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra, the school manager, and are consistent with the purposes of its educational work.

To actively promote the integration of all members of the educational community, such as parents, students, teachers, administration, and management, revolving around the institution, the principles, and the values that underpin the TES community. To this end, we carry out activities with the educational community with the only purpose of strengthening the ties of integration and friendship with the participation of the whole community.

For 2025, the Parents Association “TESPAS” will be recognised by the whole community for its leadership to integrate the school “The English School – TES” into the family, friendship, teamwork, and solidarity environments of the entire community that belongs to this institution, with the only purpose of creating a socially active and productive environment.

The English School