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The Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra – The English School invites you to join our educational community. We have a staff of 400 employees: 238 in the teaching staff and 162 in the administrative area. This staff contributes every day to the achievement of our objectives outlined in the strategic plan of the institution and are committed to a comprehensive culture of excellence in the provision of our services.

  1. We want you to be part of The English School team and, together, maximise the academic and personal potential of each of our students, inspired and guided by the values of The English Way: Respect, Integrity and Trust.

We offer an organisational climate that allows personal and professional growth, with open communication, exchange between cultures, and excellent working conditions.

TES Recruitment Team

María Angélica Cuellar

María Angélica Cuellar

Head of Human Resources

María Angélica Cuellar

María Paula Vargas

Recruitment and Development Professional

The English School