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This council is the highest authority in regard to the participation in the pedagogical orientation of the school. The Academic Council is comprised of:

1. The Head of School and Rector who chairs the council, or his/her representative.
2. The Heads of Section
3. The International Programmes Coordinators
4. The Heads of Department
5. The Well-being Coordinators
6. The Head of Curriculum Development
7. The Quality Coordinator as the Secretary of the Academic Council

These are its main functions:

      • To act as an advisory body to the Directive Council, revising the proposals of the Institutional Education Project (PEI).
      • To study the curriculum and to promote its continuous improvement, introducing the necessary modifications and adjustments to achieve excellence.
      • To organize the curriculum.
      • To lead the pedagogical orientation of the school.
      • To participate in the institutional assessment.
The English School