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The Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra and its educational establishments, The English Nursery and The English School, welcome students and families interested in belonging to an educational community committed to the education and integral development of their children. It is an invitation to be an active part of this community supporting its values and being aware of having an international, intercultural, democratic mindset that is respectful of the environment and compatible with the philosophy and strategic objectives of the FEI.

The admissions process for new students who want to study in the educational establishments of the Fundación Educativa de Inglaterra is aimed at helping parents with the procedure and with the submission of the required documents to meet the deadline.

Additionally, we have tailored the admissions processes for each section: The English Nursery, Pre-School (Pre-Jardin, Jardin, and Transition), Primary, and Secondary. These processes are led by the Head of Admissions with the support of the Admissions Committee.

The English School