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a) Contact the Admissions Office to begin the readmissions process (admissions@englishschool.edu.co).

b) For Pre-School, parents must bring reports from the current kindergarten or school; for Primary and Secondary, academic transcripts from the school of origin.

c) If the student was abroad, the academic transcripts must be validated and apostilled before the Ministry of National Education. See the full process at http://www.mineducacion.gov.co/1621/w3-article-302170.html.

d) To comply with the readmission procedure established by the school and set out in the readmission policy.

e) Parents and/or guardians must sign the acceptance of the conditions of readmission, written in the letter sent by the Academic Direction. If unable to do so in person, acceptance may be confirmed through an e-mail. If no reply is received, the school will send a copy of the letter to the addresses updated during the enrolment process. There will be a certificate of posting as proof of delivery of the readmission conditions. 


a) Students who return after an exchange programme will be automatically readmitted, provided they meet the corresponding academic and certificate requirements (transcripts and a letter certifying the length of stay).

b) If the exchange programme lasts for two years or more, the student must complete the admissions process as a new student.

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